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Monday, 12 August 2013

Baking: Chocolate Cupcakes.

I baked today and nom nom nom quite a few of the cupcakes. Lol. Icing sugar makes everything prettier. :-D

You will need:

·       *  Baking powder
·       *  Baking tray that holds cupcakes
·       *  Butter
·       *  Cocoa Powder (drinking hot chocolate powder with higher percentage of cocoa in it will do)
·       * Cupcake paper cases
·       * Egg
·       * Icing sugar
·       * Large Bowl
·       * Oven
·       * Oven Mitts
·       Salt
·       *  Self raising flour
·       *  Sieve
·       *  Some sort of mixing tool (spoon, fork, knife, etc)
·       *  Sugar

What to do:

This simple/basic recipe works for me, no measuring scale is required but if you want to use a scale then there are plenty of other recipes out there. If the recipe does not work for you then I apologize. Practice makes perfect? Tee Hee?

Put in sugar and flour in large bowl.  You can sieve the flour through if you want. The two should be equal measurements. So if put in one cup of sugar then need one cup of flour. Put in two cups of sugar = Need two cups of flour etc.

(Qu: How big is one cup? I use a small plastic cup that I know works from trial and error. The size of it probably is around half a mug full. But then there are so many mugs out there that the measurements are different so there are specific points (breadcrumb, creamy texture) that I look for that measurements won’t really matter: keep reading!)

Then add butter. The amount of butter should be similar to the sugar/flour but I usually just add a big slab if butter and mix the mixture with my hands until it turns into a golden coloured breadcrumbs. If it still looks like flour add more butter. If it’s too buttery then well I don’t think it can get too buttery… but can add more flour/sugar if feel like it’s too buttery. But should be crumbly in the end is what to look for!!

Anyway, add one egg and mix. The mixture should turn into a thicker and creamy looking substance. Creamy as in it will leave a trail of line behind when mixing and doesn't fall off the mixing tool that easy.  If it turns into a dough ball then add more egg.
 [If it’s too runny then add more flour and next time, know to adjust by adding more flour/sugar/butter; so that the egg won’t make it runny again.]

Once you have the creamy texture, add a pinch of salt and depending on how much mixture you have; adjust the baking powder. But do not really need a lot of baking powder; half a teaspoon would do most mixtures. (Baking powder makes the cake have holes and softer.) So if your cupcake is rock hard add more baking powder next time.

Add cocoa Power; again depends on how much of the mixture you have but a teaspoon should be about right. If it’s cocoa powder then as long as it changes colour then that should be the right amount. Does not need to be cocoa powder can be other flavourings; green tea powder, cinnamon, vanilla extract (a few drops for this one), coffee powder, lemon zest (lemon shavings) etc. A point to note here is that sometimes adding too much of the flavouring can also make the cupcake rock hard. So be careful!


Half fill the mixture into cupcake cases that's in the baking tray.

Put into oven. I use gas mark 4, Approximately 180 degrees I think. The cupcakes should be in the oven around 20 minutes or if you feel like it’s burning then shorter time in oven.

Oven Mitts On!! Take out of oven.

If you put a fork or knife through the cake and there is bits of cake stuck on it then needs to be in the oven longer.  

Leave cupcakes to cool then sprinkle icing sugar on top through a sieve. Or something else like decorating with cream, adding water to the icing sugar OR adding butter to the icing sugar OR adding milk to the icing sugar to pour over cupcakes etc.

NOM !!!

Choco Cupcakes

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